Ocrevus infusion aftermath

Ocrevus infusion aftermath

I had to be honest and let others know in case it happens to you, I haven’t been feeling great since my Ocrevus infusion on Wednesday. I expected the day of the infusion to feel lethargic and tired because of the Benadryl coming through the IV, but I am still feeling that way. It is Friday morning and anyone with MS will understand me when I say my bones feel so heavy. My skin is super sensitive which is definitely steroid related. I just feel, for no better word here, shitty. Now I’ve taken Rituxan, Ocrevus’ close sister for over a year before switching and I did have some side effects because of the steroids. I don’t recall my body feeling this heavy and fatigued before I even did anything. In all honesty with everything going on leading up to this infusion, maybe my body was just run down and that’s why it is reacting this way. I definitely didn’t feel anything like this when I took the first dose of the drug back on August 14. It is just very strange. I decided to break plans with my sister for later on and just relax and rest. Hopefully that will help. The side effects of the steroids should leave my system by tomorrow, I’d expect. From past experience that is what it usually took 3-4 days. As far as this body fatigue, I hope it goes away with the steroids. It wouldn’t surprise me if this whole thing was completely steroid related and has nothing to do with the Ocrevus. I’ll keep you informed. I just wanted this out there for anyone taking Ocrevus for the first time. This way, IF, it happens to you, you’ll know it happened to someone else.

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  1. I had my first Ocrevus infusion in June. After the first infusion, I felt like you’re describing. It lasted about 4 days. I didn’t have the same reaction after the infusion two weeks later. I felt pretty good after it. I’m hoping that when I start getting the full dose in one visit in December that I don’t have any reaction.

    Rest and allow your body to adjust. I hope that you’re feeling better soon!

    1. Thanks. I feel better now. Lasted about 4 days. I guess taking the Rituxan I thought I’d be fine since they are similar. Luckily I don’t have to worry about it again until February.

  2. Thank you for talking about the post reactions-I have had the same issues ! Second Infusion in a week-I hope I don’t have the same BUMP-again ! This is the first DMT I have ever had ( I have had MS for 36 years ! ) We’ll see !

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