To the reader of chirping birds it’s 4am

To the reader of chirping birds it’s 4am

It’s not that you’re actually reading this post, it’s that you get onto my blog with this post. I know I’m not wrong who this person is, but for any reason I am please by all means write in the comments. The reason I really know who this is, is because most people would just subscribe to the blog, and you can’t. My question to you is WHY???? I’ve tried to do the mature thing and reach out because I can move past the past. However you shot it down. I was graced instead with a conversation from your other half. I realized you haven’t changed. There is nothing in my blog for you. You requested for me to stay away and I am requesting the same. I wish you a happy new beginning when you move. I wish you all the best but please I feel invaded when you read my blog because I don’t think your intentions are honest.

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