DoTerra Oils omg

DoTerra Oils omg

I am so into these oils. They’re not like oils you can buy at any store. These are the purest form of the oil. Stores carry oil’s that are synthetically made and have other chemicals in it to give it to the scent. They might have some of the pure oil but it is mixed with other things. DoTerra is pure directly from the plant itself giving all the true benefits of each oil. Trust me, there’s a huge difference.

I had a post not long ago however in using the oils on my feet. I’ve had a rash on my feet since I was a child. It’s a skin condition called Granuloma Annulare which is basically a non specific rash that doesn’t itch can come and go and doesn’t have a cure. I had steroid injections in my feet for it but it never really helped. When I started applying a combination of frankincense, lavender, melaleuca and coconut oil, the areas where the steroid injections where started to lighten up. For the first time, in a long time, I can see the veins in my feet.

My favorite oil is probably the peppermint. In this house we use it the most. Peppermint with the frankincense is very good for headaches. Both my daughter and I suffer from migraines. My daughter has a roll-on peppermint she uses and I have the oil itself. She loves it. We’ve used it on other people and it really does help. No joke especially when you catch it right at the start. Ironically I got this rash all over my hands that I thought was from one of the other oils. It was itchy especially if my hands got warm. Considering I have very limited feeling in my hands, if my hands are itchy it’s bad. I have an app that tells you based on the ailment what oil to use. With the rash it told me to use peppermint. I grabbed my peppermint I put it on my hands and it was instantaneous, the itching stopped. It was unbelievable.

Last night I put my diffuser in my room with my sisters favorite oil serenity. This oil is a blend to help you sleep and to be calm. I slept from 10 o’clock to 5 o’clock never waking up one time. I’ve never went seven hours without waking up. Not only did I not wake up, the dogs didn’t wait up. Being that it was only the third night sleeping in my new condo and they’re all out of sorts still, this was amazing. One of them are always up at night to go to the bathroom.

Please contact me if you’re interested in anything or everything about these oil’s. I will have a page about them I just haven’t gotten to it yet. These oils are fantastic and are used for so many things. I’m just sharing a few with you.

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  1. I am just getting started using essential oils, so I am grateful you share your experiences with us. Peppermint really helps wonderfully my headache, too (mostly caused by tension in my case). Fortunately, doterra is available here in Germany, but I didn’t check everything on offer yet.
    Have a great New Year’s Eve,

  2. hi
    I am Deaf and i am frustrating about my Granuloma annulare my elbow and arm …i need help how get rid of it…..some people think i got diease ringworm …but not really ringworm. ..pls give advice for me thank you

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