High dose biotin for MS month 6

High dose biotin for MS month 6

I just finished my six month taking high dose biotin. I’m taking 300mg per day as was done in the MS clinical trial. You have to get this higher dosage from a specialty pharmacy. I get mine from Ace Pharmacy online. I was hoping to have a link on my side bar from Ace pharmacy, but I we haven’t linked up yet. This is the website.

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You can call and speak to them, the people there are extremely knowledgable and friendly or you can just place your order online. The more months you buy, the cheaper it is. You need at least 3-6 months or sometimes more to see results. I’ve blogged a number of times on  high-dose biotin and there’s a reason, because I honestly believe from the bottom my heart it works. At my last doctors appointment, my walking was once again timed. The time walking doesn’t really mean much in the scheme of things, but the time was still 7 seconds improved then I ever walked. However, once my legs fatigue, I can’t walk well no matter what. On my good days, when I’m rested, my legs are as good as they can be and I attribute that to the biotin.  My neurologist actually laughed at me and said could it maybe be the Rituxan?  Sure it could be the Rituxan, the alpha lipoic acid, the physical therapy, a lot of things were started at the same time, but I talk to other MS people taking biotin who have similar results so my gut feeling is it the biotin. One MS friend taking it said not only is it helping with the walking, what she notices it helps with the neuropathy pain in her legs and feet. If I can say anything about anything I’ve taken for MS I say this about biotin, it’s a vitamin what harm can it do to try? I will list the other blogs I’ve written on the subject which will have the link to the clinical study for biotin with MS.







7 thoughts on “High dose biotin for MS month 6

  1. Do you take it 3x a day as per the study, Jamie? When I started I found it difficult to do so because I was often out and it has since fallen by the wayside x

    1. Yes 3 times a day 100mg per dose. No side effects for me or anyone that I’ve personally known. My hair has grown too, just saying. I know it makes a difference, is it life changing, no. However it is a difference. My friend said they handled the heat better as well, I’m interested to see if that would hold true.

  2. I have never, or I don’t remember Biotin, taking that. I have taken Avonex, and had steroids of some kind, early in my MS adventure. Doctor dismissed Gavotin for me because my heart rate is too low. I did Copaxane injections, then and now currently taking Tecfidera.

    1. Biotin is a vitamin. Not to replace any of the main MS therapies, in conjunction with. In a high dosage it was found to improve the disease progression. Slightly improve but improve nonetheless. I think the clinical study link is in my second posting link. I’m currently on a Rituxan sister to the new approved Ocrelizamab. I’m switching to that one this July. I’ve been on many of them.

  3. The research dose that we r following is 100mg 3x’s a day. Its important to spread the dosing out to keep a level throughout the day since u pee it out.

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